Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Laborjack insured?

What types of work does Laborjack complete?

Interested in Laborjack staffing services?

Assistance in assembling/disassembling items

Does Laborjack provide equipment for my job?

How is payment handled?

Last-minute bookings?

How do I estimate how long my job will take?

What about pricing?

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Preparing for your Laborjack job.

I need to modify an existing reservation.

I need to cancel an existing reservation.

Can I change my credit/debit card after booking?

Can I tip my Laborjacks?

Who will my Laborjacks be?

How many Laborjack's should I reserve for my job?

What do I need to become a Laborjack?

How does the application process work?

Do I need any prior experience?

How flexible is the job?

How does payment work?

Will I receive any emails regarding my move?

What do I do if one of my belongings is damaged during moving day?

How do you handle jobs in inclement weather?

Do you offer services during holidays?

Are there any jobs you won't accept?

Do Laborjacks undergo background checks?

What's the best way to get in touch if I have a unique job request?

Can I request the same Laborjack for future jobs?

Are any additional fees I should be aware of?

Do you have partnerships with other service providers or businesses?

How do I provide feedback or a review after my job is completed?