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Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Dallas, TX

Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Dallas, TX

Demographers predict that Dallas, Texas will be the third largest city in the nation by the 2030s, thanks to domestic migration. Dallas and its surrounding suburbs are growing three times faster than the 50 average largest metro areas.

The Dallas area attracts people looking for a place to call home and corporations looking for the best place to base their operations for several reasons. Texans pay no state income tax, so take-home pay is higher. Although Texas may be synonymous with hot weather, because of Dallas’s North Texas location, its average high comes in at 76, and its low is at a warmish 55. Dallas has two airports — one with its very own zip code, so in Dallas, you have access to anywhere in the world.

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Dallas neighborhoods meet a variety of needs, from family-centric to more focused on singletons. The key to finding the right one is in knowing the details.

Preston Hollow

Considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Dallas, this neighborhood sits near the North Dallas Tollway and Walnut Hill Lane. Homes in this prestigious area were constructed in the 1920s and ’30s and offer residents access to some of the most highly respected private schools in Dallas. Although the average home price is $767,055, a home in this neighborhood can go for as much as $30,000,000.

Lake Highlands

Located in northeast Dallas, this area has become popular with families and young couples because of its access to great schools and jobs in the suburbs. Lake Highlands offers 870 acres of parks, biking trails, trees, and rolling hills, with a median home value of only $287,000.


North of Downtown Dallas, Uptown offers a pedestrian neighborhood for those looking for an urban vibe. The McKinney Avenue streetcars make the high-end shopping, restaurants, and bars accessible, and residents can walk their dogs or jog on the Katy Trail nearby. The median home value, based mainly on luxury high-rise condos, is $450,000.

Deep Ellum

Since 1873, folks have been heading to Dallas’s Deep Ellum for music, culture, and innovation. For those who want to live in the Deep Ellum district and experience its vibe full time, studio lofts in historic buildings, new high rise spaces, or an art-filled unique place may be on offer. Home prices in Deep Ellum average around $421,000.

Bishop Arts District

This neighborhood, 10 minutes south of downtown Dallas and full of museums, unique venues, art galleries, and quirky boutiques, the Bishop Arts District has become an entertainment destination. Colorful murals showcase the international flair of the neighborhood. Home prices can range from $200,000 to well over a million dollars.

University Park

This area received its name because it houses Southern Methodist University and reflects its college town vibe with its manicured yards and high-end homes. This town-within-a-city offers quiet streets, a downtown, and a public school system that begins with kindergarten and graduates its students from high school. Residents here understandably pay high-end prices. While these are some of the best neighborhoods in Dallas, others in Dallas and the surrounding areas offer their own amenities and assets as well.

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