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What to Know About Moving to Houston, TX

What to Know About Moving to Houston, TX

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States, behind Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. It is home to 5 thriving sports teams and an incredible energy industry. The Texas city has various neighborhoods, nightlife choices, green spaces, and affordable real estate.

It is more family-friendly and affordable compared to major cities such as New York. Are you considering moving to Houston, TX? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this vibrant Texas city.

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Pros and Cons of Moving to Houston, TX


1. Diversity

Over the past ten years, much of Houston’s population has come from immigrants moving from the border’s south, along with many people from the north. The cultural diversity allows locals to experience various cuisines, music, and art anywhere in the city.

Besides its proximity to the southern borders, Houston is close to the Gulf of Mexico, making it a significant player in international trade. This brings business opportunities, further contributing to the city’s diversity.

Many foreign-owned companies have been established in Texas city lately. This expansion brings many job opportunities for locals and a broader range of talent and expertise.

2. No State Income Tax

People living in Houston are not subject to state income tax. This is a massive perk for individuals who want to save for the future. However, it is essential to note that residents have to pay 8.25% on purchases. Even with the high sales tax rates, the lack of a sales tax will make your overall expenses more affordable.

3. Mouthwatering Cuisines

You will always be sure to find something delicious to enjoy and satisfy any craving. The cultural diversity brings a fantastic taste experience. You will find high-end barbeque joints, fresh sea foods, Mexican restaurants, Tex-Mex eateries, and food trucks. That doesn’t end there; If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you have limitless offerings to check out.

4. Lots of Sporting Activities

One of the best places to meet new people in a new city is at a sporting event. Houstonians have high regard for sports. Therefore, you will fit in seamlessly if you are a sports fanatic.

There are six professional sports teams to support. Besides being a fan, you can actively participate in local rugby or soccer leagues. There are also multiple opportunities for you to enjoy, especially if you love water sports.


1. Traffic

Although Houston has the MetroRail, most residents prefer using their vehicles. For that reason, expect snarl-ups when moving from one place to another. However, the traffic tie-up may not be a significant issue for residents who work from home.

2. Humidity and Heat

It is essential to note that late summers in Houston can get extremely hot and humid. If you are not used to it, things can get very uncomfortable. This means that you will need to invest in effective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. However, the winter weather here is quite pleasant.

3. Hurricanes and Tropical storms

Houstonians commonly experience tropical storms and hurricanes. Therefore, consider a flood insurance or disaster plan if you are contemplating relocating to Houston. You may also need a disaster preparedness kit for your home or apartment.

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