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5 Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas For Your Front & Back Yard

Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas

Who doesn’t love entertaining in their own home or backyard space? Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy your yard again. We’ve compiled a list of easy DIY landscaping ideas to transform your front yard and backyard into your personal oasis.

1) Plant Perennials to Enjoy for Years to Come

Perennials are easy to maintain and are very affordable, which is an easy way to spruce up your front or back yard. The wonderful thing is that they come back year after year, so you just plant once and only have to focus on the yearly care! Pick up some Azaleas or Hydrangeas for a quick pop of color. Flowers are an easy way to add enjoyment to your outdoor area while also increasing curb appeal in the process.

2) Setup Weed Barriers in Your Landscaping Beds

Purchasing weed barrier material can make it easier on you when it comes to keeping up on regular weed maintenance. It’s a time saver when you’re pulling out obnoxious weeds from the yard or making room for other foliage.

All landscape fabric can be covered with mulch of any type, so you tailor this to your liking. The best places for landscaping fabric are around trees and other foliage. It is recommended to keep out of a vegetable garden. Weed barriers also allow landscapers to use less weed killer to keep pesky unwanted plants at bay.

3) Adding Lights to Your Yard to Enjoy the Summer Nights

A great way to spruce up your backyard ambiance and enjoy the backyard barbeque is to add some lights to your space. Many of these lights are inexpensive, and many are solar powered and are flipped on automatically or at the flip of a switch. They are great for entertaining and add a fun vibe to your outdoor space.

The beauty of this is that you get to pick and choose from so many selections. What a great way to impress your guests with little to no guesswork!

4) Add A Garden to the Mix

This landscaping idea opens up your creativity and gives you the chance to spruce up your yard in any way that you would like. You could go for a traditional garden or elect for raised garden beds if you have limited space. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing vegetables that you tended. The beauty of this DIY project is that you may choose to go with a flower garden or other plant arrangement that can serve as a double duty privacy enclosure and an aesthetic appeal.

Consider colors that pair well together if you go with a traditional flower garden, to accent tones that currently exist in your existing landscape. It will add tons of curb appeal for years of enjoyment.

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5) Create a Walking Path

Another easy landscaping idea is to create a customized walking path in your backyard. You can choose from various materials, including stone, gravel, or mulch. It breaks up the space outside and gives your backyard landscape a centralized focal point. It helps the space to feel more organized and makes regular maintenance easier. Do you have a trouble area where you just can’t get the grass to grow?

Make a walkway; problem solved! Make sure you have the proper tools ahead of time, including a wheel barrel, bucket, garden trowel, proper walkway materials, and any other items that you may need based on research for your particular project.

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