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A Practical Guide for Moving with Pets

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Moving can be a very exciting time in your life. You get a fresh start in a new place that you’ll call home, and that means new opportunities, new people to meet, and new places to explore. While there is certainly a lot to be excited about, moving can be an equally stressful time in one’s life. This is especially true for our pets because they don’t fully understand what’s happening. Moving with pets puts added stress on us, too, because you have to accommodate their needs, and you don’t know how they may react to new environments or hours cooped up in the car. Although moving with pets certainly complicates the matter, a little forethought and creative thinking will help alleviate much of the stress you and your dog, cat, hamster, or other animal companion feel, so you can focus more on the excitement.

Follow these tips for moving with pets to make the experience less stressful for you both!

Prepare an overnight kit

When moving with pets, you have to keep their needs in mind. To keep your pet content and entertained during the first few days of unpacking in your new home, put together a bag with essentials like toys and food and store it somewhere accessible. This will keep them comfortable and ensures you won’t be scrambling to find everything they’ll need on the day of arrival. If you’ll be staying at a hotel during your travels, you may want to pack a little extra to ensure there’s enough food to keep them full and toys to entertain them. Obviously, what you include in this bag will differ depending on the kind of pet you’re moving with, but you should know their needs well enough to be able to plan and pack a bag ahead of time.

Get what you need from your vet

Getting records of your pet’s medical history, prescriptions, and overall health before you move can help save a lot of time in the future. It will also save you the hassle of having to do so over the phone after finding a new vet. Depending on how far you’re moving, your vet might have a colleague in the area, so ask them if they can recommend any good vets in your new neighborhood. Some pets may benefit from medication that helps them stay calm or drowsy during the move, so ask your vet about this too.

Keep your pets with you

When moving with pets, one of the best ways to reduce the stress they may feel is to be with them as much as possible. During these unfamiliar circumstances and in places they don’t recognize, the familiarity you give them can be calming. If driving to your new home is an option, take your pet to your new home in your vehicle.

Stick to your routine as best you can

In addition to having them by your side, sticking to their normal routine as best you can will help your pet feel a little less stressed about the situation. Continue with mealtimes, walks, and playtime as normal after you’ve moved in so there is some familiarity in the new environment.

Be patient

When moving with pets, you can’t expect them to be instantly relieved and happy when you arrive at your new home like you probably will be. Even with their normal routine unchanged, your pet will need some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Be sure to give them plenty of attention and treats so they know everything is ok and that this new environment is one they can feel safe in. You should also let them explore your new home in its entirety so they can become more familiar with their surroundings on their own.

Those are a few ways you can take some of the stress off your pet during a move, and Laborjack can help alleviate some of the stress you feel. We offer professional moving services that won’t break the bank so you can focus more on the exciting aspects of your move. Contact us when you’re moving, and we’ll put together a plan unique to your needs!