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The Importance of Employee Retention – What to Know

The Importance of Employee Retention

Understanding the importance of employee retention can provide a lot of benefits that are tougher to achieve if your business resembles a revolving door. At Laborjack, we focus on supporting your business with hardworking temp staff that strive to assist with your goals and deliver top-quality services. If you’re questioning the importance of employee retention and how it can help your business succeed, we’ve put together a quick list of benefits.

Reasons Why Employee Retention Is Important

Hiring new employees is expensive.
Every time you hire a new employee on your payroll, there are costs involved that many business owners often forget to consider. Even if you’re hiring an experienced individual, there is always a training period where you’ll need to show them how you do things. On top of that, there’s paperwork to be filled out to get them into your system so that they can get paid – it’s cheaper to focus on retention and keeping your employees happy and fulfilled.

You’ll benefit from experienced staff.
The longer you keep your staff, the more experience they will gain and the more their efforts can work to support your business goals. Experienced workers know the tricks of the trade, and they understand your expectations. Keep them on, and they’ll continue to help you achieve more and more as time goes on.

You can increase productivity.
Employees that need minimal supervision can help you increase productivity as you can assign tasks with the confidence that they will be executed and completed according to your standards. This helps you complete projects faster and at a higher level or quality so that you can continue to bring in new work.

Your customers will thank you.
Happy customers…that’s the goal, right? When you understand the importance of employee retention, you’ll understand how keeping your staff on board can help you improve the level of service that you provide. Customers enjoy knowing that the same employees who completed a project are the same ones returning for maintenance, warranty repairs, or other tasks, and good employees will develop relationships with your regular customers to enhance their experience.

Your staff will thrive.
Arriving at work and greeting the same coworkers each day can help to improve morale. Humans enjoy constantly building upon their relationships and can learn a lot from each other. When you keep the same employees for long periods, they have the ability to get into a groove with one another by learning how each prefers to work.

You’ll increase your revenue.
The less you have to spend on new employee onboarding, training, and supervision, the more you can eliminate extra costs and improve your bottom line. Loyal, hardworking employees care about the company they work for and will often speak to friends and potential customers about the services they’re able to provide as an integral part of your business. Ultimately, if you want to make more money, valuing the importance of employee retention will get you there.

Why Choose Laborjack for Temporary Staffing Solutions?

If you find yourself in a situation that requires some added, temporary staff, Laborjack has your back. We specialize in the fulfillment of your temporary staffing needs, and we understand the importance of employee retention. Whether you need help with moving, landscaping, or have more specific temporary staffing needs, we’ll be there to help you get the job done right, especially when you may be experiencing some higher than normal employee retention. Work with us today by booking a job online!