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Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Fort Collins, CO

Best Neighborhoods and Places to Live in Fort Collins, CO

Moving is often a very stressful time in one’s life. There’s a lot of major changes happening at once and the tiny things that normally wouldn’t cause any stress can become major stressors. In addition to the major life changes that typically happen alongside a move – marriage, a new job, graduating from school – there is a lot of time and money that must be invested to ensure the move is successful.

Despite the stress and hassle, moving can also be an exciting time and if you’re moving to Fort Collins you can get excited about the charming Old Town part of the city, easy access to the great outdoors at Horsetooth Reservoir, some great breweries, and more!

What should you know about Fort Collins?

Fort Collins is a picturesque city and is a perennial inclusion of “best places to live in Colorado” lists. It’s large enough to have some big city amenities but still has plenty of small-town charm packed into the downtown area.

With the Tour de Corgi parade that sees hundreds of corgis in costume gather in City Park before parading throughout Old Town, a weekend long celebration of food called Taste of Fort Collins, a brewery festival in the Summer, and more there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Additionally, you’re never far from enjoying an adventure in the great outdoors. There are many great hiking and biking trails at Horsetooth Reservoir and Lory State Park which are only a 20-to-30-minute drive from Old Town.

The Best Neighborhoods and Places to Live in Fort Collins

1. Old Town

When you live in Old Town, you’re never far from the action. Due to its proximity to the CSU campus, Old Town has a very vibrant and youthful energy alongside a thriving food, art, and nightlife scene. It’s truly the heart of the city, but you’re not that far from great hiking and biking trails is you need a break from city life.

Old Town also isn’t very far from the CSU football stadium if you want to catch a game. If you decide to make Old Town your new home you won’t be exclusively apartment hunting, as there are plenty of beautiful old homes in the area as well.

2. Old Prospect

In contrast to Old Town, Old Prospect is a much smaller neighborhood but homes in the area are still very much in-demand. The beauty and convenient access to both the city and outdoors, old but well-maintained homes, small collection of store and restaurants, and good schools make it a great place to live.

While Old Prospect is largely considered a neighborhood home, the rise in popularity means a variety of different residents are moving in.

3. Fossil Creek

Fossil Creek features a wide array of eclectic homes available at an even wider range of prices, making it a great place to live in Fort Collins. Like Old Prospect it’s a small, but growing neighborhood with great schools and easy access to all the amenities the great outdoors has to offer.

If you’re a nature lover looking to move to Fort Collins then Fossil Creek is perfect for you, as the neighborhood is a big part of the reason why the city is considered an outdoorsy one.

4. North Fort Collins

North Fort Collins is the best neighborhoods for families looking to settle down and raise children, as it offers a reprieve from the bustling CSU campus and Old Town area.

Additionally, potential homeowners can purchase small bits of land to go alongside their homes and experience a bit of country living. The Fort Collins Country Club is also in this area, providing easy access to a golf course and other fun amenities.

5. Mountain View

Located in north-central Fort Collins, home values in Mountain View are high because of its prime location. It’s close to both the dining and shopping of Old Town and the hiking and biking trails at Lory State Park and Horsetooth Reservoir while still being far enough away that it feels like its own, secluded area.

Based on crime statistics, Mountain View is one of the safest neighborhoods in Fort Collins so it’s a great option for families looking to settle down.

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