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What to Know About Moving to Fort Collins, CO

What to Know About Moving to Fort Collins

Fort Collins is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Colorado and the United States. It is located sixty miles north of Denver, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Despite its small size, Fort Collins hosts multiple restaurants and recreational facilities, aiming to serve the city’s massive population with diverse cultures.

Recently, many people have been moving to Fort Collins from the neighboring cities, resulting in increased business opportunities in the area. However, before deciding to make a permanent move to the city, check out what makes Fort Collins, Fort Collins!

Cost of Living

With the incredible social amenities and high-quality life that Fort Collins offers, the cost of living in the city is slightly higher than the national average. However, compared to the neighboring cities in Colorado, such as Denver, it is by far more affordable to live in Fort Collins.

It is paramount to consider your budget and financial ability before moving to this beautiful city. The beauty of Fort Collins is that there are more affordable residential areas outside the city center where you can get apartments at more pocket-friendly prices.

Transport System

Whether you are commuting to work or just heading across town to the grocery store, transport services are available all around Fort Collins. Bicycling is a major mode of transport here. The city boasts of great bike-share programs, bike lanes, bike parking, bicycle co-op, and more. The downtown street parking is cheap, safe and easily accessible.

The public transport system in the city is also reliable, with buses having multiple routes and running on compressed natural gas or bio-diesel.

Real Estate Market

Due to the high demand for housing as a result of increased movement into the town, the value of homes in Fort Collins has continued to rise. Currently, the town’s real estate market is ranked as the most stable, growing market in Colorado and among the best in the U.S. This can be attributed to the increased job opportunities in the area, enabling many residents to purchase homes and invest in real estate.

Recreational Activities

Do you love outdoor fun? If so, Fort Collins is the perfect place for you. After having a long day of paddleboarding or biking, you always have multiple options and ways to indulge in Fort Collins’ lively nightlife. The city hosts numerous annual live concerts and festivals, covering all genres and ages, thus entertaining everyone interested.

The children are also not left out! There are numerous places to visit with your children to let them have the weekend thrilling experiences. Such places include the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

Pros of living in Fort Collins

What makes living in Fort Collins so great?

  • The crime rate in Fort Collins is lower than in other cities in the U.S., making it one of the most family-friendly cities in the nation.
  • It has an incredible education system.
  • Its economy is steady and has open employment opportunities.
  • Compared to the neighboring towns such as Denver, the cost of living is lower, and its suburbs are more affordable.
  • There are a lot breweries, a thriving downtown area, tons of restaurants to enjoy, and unique small businesses, which is part of the reason Fort Collins ranks #5 of top places to live in Colorado.

Cons of living in Fort Collins

  • The climate is not consistent, and weather conditions can get extreme.
  • While the cost of living is lower than Denver, it is still more expensive than other cities in the country.
  • If you are coming from lower altitude, you’ll definitely want some time to adjust to 5,003 feet above sea level.

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