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Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Denver, CO

Best Neighborhoods and Places To Live In Denver

Moving means big life changes and demands a lot of time and money. But it also offers new opportunities. Living in a new neighborhood in Denver can improve your lifestyle quite a bit – and hiring Laborjack to help you move also simplifies the moving process.

But what are the best neighborhoods and places to live in Denver? That’s a great question and Laborjack has put together this guide to help you navigate finding a new place in Denver to settle in to. Read on and learn more about our picks for the best neighborhoods in Denver – find the right place to move!

What You Should Know About Denver & The Area

Denver is the capital city of Colorado and is also the most highly-populated area in Colorado. It’s also a highly desirable place to live, particularly among young adults and families. As of 2019 Census estimates, Denver was home to about 730,000 people – and the metro area is home to nearly 3 million people!

High desirability also means high cost of living, though. Denver has a 128.7 cost of living index, compared to the nationwide average of 100. The high cost of renting or buying a home is the biggest contributing factor here.

However, ask a Denver resident and they’ll say it’s worth it. Denver has a unique culture with tons of restaurants and breweries, unbeatable scenery, and gorgeous outdoor recreation within just minutes of the city limits.

But not every area of Denver is the same!

The Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Denver

Ready to explore the best areas to live in Denver? Here are our top picks for anyone moving to The Mile High City – explore them now and see which one may be right for you.

1. Capitol Hill

As Colorado’s most densely populated neighborhood, Capitol Hill has a bustling, urban vibe with plenty of bars, restaurants, and parks to keep things interesting. This is a great choice for young professionals and couples who love urban living. The average home value here is about $340K.

2. Uptown

Uptown starts at East Colfax, where Capitol Hill ends. It’s similarly urban in character, with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as parks like Benedict Fountain Park. It’s also near Saint Joseph Hospital, and a few churches and public/private schools. The average home value here is about $500K.

3. Highlands

The Highlands are located a bit northeast of Downtown Denver, and have a more relaxed, suburban charm, making this neighborhood a great place for families. It features plenty of historic housing and has top-rated Denver schools like Sandoval Elementary School and Denver North High School. The average home cost is around $675K.

4. Sloan’s Lake

Located south of Highlands, Sloan’s Lake is centered around… Sloan’s Lake! No surprise there. This lake is one of the biggest bodies of water in Denver. It’s a sleepy, residential neighborhood that’s great for families, but it’s still near West Colfax and plenty of other trendy areas in Denver. Nearby schools include Brown Elementary School and Beth Jacob High School. The average home cost is around $721K.

5. Baker

Baker is located between I-25 and Broadway, south of Downtown Denver. It’s got lots of townhomes and apartments, as well as quirky shops, conveniently located grocery stores, and more restaurants and bars than you can shake a stick at. The average home cost is around $552K.

Moving to Denver? Let Laborjack Help!

If you’re interested in moving to one of the best areas to live in Denver, Laborjack is here to help. Book a move with Laborjack today to simplify your move and get the help you need as you move to your new neighborhood. Hiring moving help with Laborjack is quick, easy, and affordable!