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Packing Tips for Moving

You may be moving to trade up, relocate for a new job, or looking to downsize your current living situation. Whatever the case, you’ll still need to pack away your things for the move. Depending on your type of move the packing will be a little different. But in all cases, following Laborjack’s packing tips for moving and checklist will help the big move day be less stressful.

Preparing to Move

Like they say, plan the work and work the plan. This is equally true when it comes to your moving & packing checklist. Make sure that your plan includes the following:

  1. A timeline for your move that includes when you will start the process, the actual move date, and your move-in date to your new place.
  2. Hire a moving company (like Laborjack!) to help you do the heavy lifting on and, more importantly, off the truck. You may save some money by scheduling your move in the middle of the week. Always check that the company’s employees are highly vetted and insured.
  3. Estimate how many and what size boxes you will need. While it may be tempting to go to your local stores and get used boxes there, spend the money up-front on some boxes that are meant for moving. The last thing you need is for boxes falling apart.
  4. Stock up on packing equipment for the kitchen items. With everyday items, pack things like dishes, Tupperware, silverware, etc., separately. Utilize soft items to wrap around your breakables to avoid a mess when unpacking.
  5. And most importantly, declutter before packing so you can pack less things in the move that you no longer need. Decide what you can sell, trash, or gift. If you don’t plan on having it at your new place, figure out the best route to get rid of things that won’t be making it.

Let the Packing Begin

  1. Identify your boxes. What you don’t need is to get to your new place and not know what’s in any of the mountains of boxes the movers (Laborjack 😉) unloaded. One way to avoid this is to color code your boxes by room. Ideally you should prepare a list of what’s in each box. If you don’t have the time to do that, write a brief description of the general contents, e.g., kitchen equipment. That combined with the color coding should take care of things when you go to unpack your boxes.
  2. Who does the packing? You may think that reading articles on packing tips for moving will make you the smartest mover ever. However, professional moving companies have been doing this for many years and if there is a quick, best way to pack for moving they know it and they have the equipment to do it. Not only that, they also know the best ways to pack delicate or fragile items so they don’t break in the move and have also insured your stuff. If they break it or damage it, they pay. If you pack it and you break it or damage it, you pay.
  3. Packing Clothes. Clothes are some of the hardest items to pack. Once again, the professionals know the best way to pack clothes for moving. So let them do it.
  4. Heavy Lifting. One other thing to keep in mind about moving is how labor intensive packing, loading the truck, and then unloading it can be. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself. If you are moving yourself, make sure you have a few of your strongest friends there to help out. If not, reach out to Laborjack to do the heavy lifting for you.
  5. Your Packing Task. The packing that you should concentrate on is that you have an Essentials Bag (medications, first aid, toiletries, baby supplies, snacks, etc.) and a set of suitcases containing everything you will need for the time it takes the movers to get from your present location to your new location.

It’s Moving Day

  1. Have your game plan ready for moving day. To avoid hassle, if you are using a moving company, make sure you are available to help guide the movers through all of the packed items to load and unload into the truck.
  2. Make sure all items are packed up, labeled correctly and color coded, and ready to be loaded into the truck quickly. This will cut time down when loading into the truck.
  3. Prepare a small moving essentials tote that you can keep with you to have until all of the unpacking is done.

Contact Laborjack

Moving is not for the faint of heart but with proper planning and professional help it can get done, with less stress. For the heavy lifting, if you’re doing it yourself, consider Laborjack’s muscle for hire.

You will appreciate the on-call professional moving services provided by Laborjack. Book Laborjack today for help with your next big move! You won’t be disappointed.