Make money. Work on your schedule. Wear plaid.

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What is a Laborjack?

What is a Laborjack?

A Laborjack is a reliable, eager and professional college-aged manual laborer looking to make money on the side while going to school. And they are really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Work when you want.

Work when you want.

Being a Laborjack is perfect whether you’re an athlete looking to make cash in the off-season or just need some extra “beverage” money for the weekend. You have the flexibility to take only the jobs you want.

Make money!

Make money!

As a Laborjack you’ll make on average $18/hour when you include tips! That’s what happens when you provide great service like we do.

Our Values


As Laborjacks we value Integrity which is evident in our honesty and reliability when it comes to dealing with customers and each other.


As Laborjacks we value Selflessness which is evident in how we bend over backwards to help both our customers and each other.


As Laborjacks we value Perseverance which is evident in our dogged work ethic and the energy we bring to each job.


As Laborjacks we value Safety which is evident in the focus and care that we bring to each job.



Did we mention you get tips too?

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You will hear from us soon!

Thanks for applying to be a Laborjack! We are going to look this over and get back to you soon about setting up an interview time.

How it works

After you submit your information, we’ll look it over and reach out to setup an interview.
We’ll do an informal interview over the phone, and if all goes well, we will send you through Laborjack bootcamp! Think Navy Seal training, in plaid and probably less intense. But only slightly.
After you get set up, sign the paperwork, go through training, and complete your first job with an experienced team member, you will officially become a Laborjack!

Things to know

We currently are only accepting Laborjacks that can serve areas 25 miles from the Colorado State University campus.