About us

The Laborjack story and values.

The tale of two Laborjacks.

The Laborjack story began with Blake Craig doing odd manual labor jobs on his own as a part-time job in college. It wasn’t long until Blake crossed paths with Josh Moser at a CSU startup event. Shortly after the concept of easily accessible, high quality muscle took off! Since then, Laborjack has rapidly grown the past two years in Northern Colorado, completing over 9 jobs to-date.


Connect individuals and businesses to a community of enthusiastic college-aged manual laborers.

The Founders

Blake Craig

Blake Craig

Josh Moser

Josh Moser

Our Values


As Laborjacks we value Integrity which is evident in our honesty and reliability when it comes to dealing with customers and each other.


As Laborjacks we value Selflessness which is evident in how we bend over backwards to help both our customers and each other.


As Laborjacks we value Perseverance which is evident in our dogged work ethic and the energy we bring to each job.


As Laborjacks we value Safety which is evident in the focus and care that we bring to each job.